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My Services

I currently utilize Mindbody for scheduling sessions at FoRest Wellness Collective


$99 per hour

Full body integrative massage 


$145 per 90 minutes


Full body massage with attention to a particular trouble area



Full body massage with comprehensive work on several trouble areas 


$175 per 90 minutes


90 minute full body massage with attention to a particular trouble area. I bring my lotions/oils, table, warmer, fresh sheets and blankets to the comfort of your own home for an additional table/travel fee. 


$89 per hour

Massage club is a great way to consistently invest in your health. Every month we will deduct $79 from the card of your choice for 6 months. Each deduction is a credit good for one hour massage. You may renew after the 6 months, credits expire one year after the original purchase date. If using massage club credits for mobile massage please add $30 for a table travel fee.  


$200 per hour

10-15 minute mini back refreshers for the office or small gatherings. 

Requires 3-4 minute transition time between sessions.

A list of participants established prior to event is preferred, if you need help with planning this aspect out feel free to contact me when booking the package and I will work with you. 

Allow for set up and break down time before and after event.


$79-99 per hour

I'd like to acknowledge the importance of consistent, safe body work especially during the pandemic -and at the same time the financial barriers can prevent us from receiving holistic care. I offer a sliding scale for BIPOC, Queer-identifying, and SW'ers in hopes of encouraging investment in ourselves and to help balance the health inequities in our community. If you fall into one of these groups please mention so in your booking request and I am happy to work with compensation that is sustainable for you.

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