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People have been asking for unscented soap and with fall upon us I thought it would be perfect to incorporate pumpkin puree in these 4.5-5.5 oz bars of Handmade Vegan Unscented Pumpkin Hot Process Soap. Pumpkins have Vitamin A and lots of yummy enzymes to aid your sensitive skin in sloughing off old dead cells to reveal beautiful fresh skin. You can't beat those properties blended with olive, palm, coconut, soy and shea. A touch of bees wax and sodium lactate add extra firmness and long lasting properties to these bars. 

I recommend cutting the bar in half and ensuring proper drainage with a slatted soap dish to prolong the life of your yummy new soap.

Handmade in the Puget Sound of the Pacific Northwest.

Handmade Unscented Pumpkin Cold Process Soap

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