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Bobbie Paul, LMT


I've lived in the Northwest my entire life and I love everything that it has to offer.

You can find me enjoying a variety of activities such as outdoor activities like hiking, camping and fishing. I love any kinds of arts or crafts and operate my own bath and body apothecary. My family life and friends are very important to me . I am absolutely enamored with psychology, medicine, mental health and women's rights. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science of Nursing Program at the University of Washington, where I will continue to expand my knowledge of caring for the body.


The perfect way to start your day or wind down after an exhausting schedule would be to treat yourself to 60-90 minutes of pure therapeutic bliss.


I utilize several protocols for common injuries for sports and everyday wear and tear. We can create a treatment plan that best fits your body and lifestyle goals.


I offer packages for groups who are interested in pampering themselves with a little break from the humdrum of daily tasks. 

recommend reserving at least 2 hours of my services for optimal efficiency and to ensure satisfaction for the entire group.

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